Let's face it. Kids toys are so predictable, as are locksmith training methods. That's why NNCtools has created this incredible Practice Lock Set, guaranteed to deliver exciting educational opportunities, and endless fun. But...we know what you're thinking. There are countless Lock Kits on the market...what's different about yours?

Easy. Not only is ours higher-quality (for a lower price) but it also features a unique rubber cover case if you want to push the difficulty to the MAX! You can keep it transparent to see how everything works, or cover the lock to keep you guessing for longer. You are your own trainer!

The theory is this: one pin is fixed, and the others are not. It's your job to release the others at the same time and level, twisting the cylinder to open the lock and claim victory! A Transparent Crystal Cutaway Lock Body helps you get a grip on the mechanism of locks. Note that picking tools aren't included. Ready to find out how pins work when keys are inserted? Both beginners and experts are welcome!

Whether you're a stay-at-home Mom, 5-year-old or 105-year-old, NNCtools is the perfect choice for the whole family, and the whole locksmith community. There's no better gift than one that is both fun AND educational! With an additional downloadable eBook, there's a reason countless Moms and Dads globally love the NNCtools lock set.

Why? Because we ask the question other companies don't. How can WE deliver the best for YOU?

Warning: uncontrollable laughing fits may ensue!

  • FOR LOCKSMITHS: The best workers are the ones who give themselves constant training to get better and better! The Transparent Crystal Cutaway Lock Body is the most fun and practical way for locksmiths to gain a better understanding of how Pin Tumbler Keyed Padlocks work on moving parts. Why not cover it with our rubber cover case to UP the challenge? Whether you're a beginner or seasoned pro, this Metal Lock Pack helps you stay at the top of your locking-game through never-ending entertainment
  • INCLUDES: This Metal Pin Tumbler Lock Bundle includes 1 x padlock, 1 x blade disc detainer lock, and 1 x dimple cylinder lock and eBOOK Guide. Note that picking tools aren't included. NNCtools believes in high quality, minus the high price-tag. We use the best materials, ensuring flawless operation. No loose parts or pins. Locks have open chambers on all moving parts, so you can monitor what you're doing like a hawk. No hpc X-ray vision glasses needed!
  • MAKES A PERFECT BIRTHDAY OR CHRISTMAS GIFT: Even Santa won't see this one coming. If you're searching for a gift that's NOT predictable...you've come to the right place! This Practice Lock Set / Pin Tumbler Keyed Padlock Kit features three different transparent locks, helping you to track your progress as you learn how the pins work when keys are inserted. Once you understand how the padlock works, both beginners and experts can get to work trying to solve the puzzle. Get your picks on!
  • FOR KIDS: Whether you're 5 or 105, there's ALWAYS room to become smarter! This fun, educational novelty gift and Seucre Pro Lock Pack Kit for kids and adults was designed to boost intelligence while sharpening your practical skills and training the mind. Endless entertainment = guaranteed! NNCtools' toys make YOU your own trainer! Who said learning couldn't be fun? Puzzle-solving is a proven way to enhance mental capacity, while having a good chuckle. "Pick" your way to 1st place!
  • 90 DAY GUARANTEE: Not happy with your purchase? While we highly doubt that this will be the case (Seriously. Fun is guaranteed...) we'll give you your money-back thanks to our 90-day guarantee. Yep, with NNCtools...you're never "LOCKED IN"! Buy with confidence. It's risk-free. Lock and load folks, endless fun and games is in the house - your house!

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Practice Lock Set with Transparent Cutaway Crystal Pin Tumbler Keyed Padlocks...

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